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#1 CFF 2021 Official Selection - Black Text.png

When an over-confident Gen-Z’er is kicked out of med-school and her parents cut the credit card, she is forced to take a name-tag job at a struggling spa to pay off her college debt. 

Genre: Comedy
Format: TV- Scripted Series

An emotional story that follows a blended family's struggle to navigate the fallout of a life-shattering event.

Format: Feature Film
Ski Bum Concept poster.jpg

The adventures of a young city slicker who starts over as a lift-attendant in a Rocky Mountains ski resort.

Genre: Comedy
Format: Single-Cam half-hour TV show
Updated-Concept poster.jpg

A coming-of-age journey from the POV of two rival culinary students trying to make it to the top.

Genre: Romantic Drama
Format: Feature Film
Mallee Boy- WWII Biopic by Kylie Hitchcock

Dreams of reuniting with the woman he loves at home serve a young pilot's determination to survive WWII.

Genre: Drama-WWII Biopic
Format: Feature Film
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