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Selected Projects

Pepper Cherry - development

While visiting her parents in their Italian village, a mother in a failing marriage fights to keep her family and her ancestral home intact.


My Missing Year - development

It's 1979 in small town Texas where a socially-awkward, 11 year-old-boy is forced to live in the Mason's home for widows and orphans, after his mother gets dumped by her second loser husband. Written by Stephen Foster.

MMY-concept-Movie Poster-oct19-2023.png

Clowning Around (short - romance)

A woman must overcome her phobia to be with the man she has fallen head-over-heels for. 

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Abeyance - pre-production

Four strangers wake up in an isolated cabin with no memories and no one around for miles.
They realize their environment may not be reality, and as their memories return, they struggle with what may have happened in the real world. Their only way out is more horrific than how they got there. Photo by Ashkan Forouzani - Upsplash. 


WELLNESS INC. (comedy)

A middle-aged woman used to luxury is forced to take a name-tag job at at a struggling day spa after she accidentally kills her husband. 

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Moral Compass (short - drama)

A loving wife faces the unthinkable when her husband, suffering with Alzheimer's, falls into a steep mental decline. 

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